All-encompassing Remote Healthcare

All-encompassing remote healthcareRemote Healthcare can be a challenge and a key component of a successful health and safety program is mitigating potential health risks before they ever occur.

Having employees who are healthy before going to a remote location is the first step in this process. That is why SALA Remote Medics believes in the opportunity to provide valuable health information to employers and employees alike. SALA Remote Medics and Alaska Urgent Care understands the dynamics of having an effective operation at these sites and has created an all-encompassing health program.

Know Before You Go

Your employees have the opportunity to be seen for pre-employment physicals and post incident treatment in Anchorage, Alaska by certified occupational health physicians who understand the needs and limitations of employees while being in the remote areas of Alaska.

Being Protected in the Field

Positioning SALA Remote Medics personnel such as HSE advisors, paramedics, registered nurses, and/or physician assistants into your remote field operations allows employees to be covered by one cohesive team which manages all of their health and safety needs. You as the employer now have the opportunity to see healthcare from beginning to end through one streamlined process.

Contact us and let SALA Remote Medics and Alaska Urgent Care show you how to keep your employees safe and healthy through our comprehensive health management system.