Living in the Present

Life is moving too fast, but if you were living in the present you might just be inspired

Its time to live during the now

It seems like life is moving too fast lately. With the increase in technology, everyone is on their phones, tablets, computers, and any other personal device which has made us lose site of the important things in life.  Social media has forced people to stop being social in my mind. Sure we write something down on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and all 1,300 of our followers instantly know that we just took a selfie at a rock concert. But is that actually being social, or is that just putting our every move out there for the world to see. It appears that people have forgotten to just stop and live in the present and enjoy the people around them.

Except for Tyson Pitts

Tyson as he sets out on a 2 year adventure.

Recently while out on a project, Tyson Pitts came strolling into our camp looking to rest his legs and catch a meal. I happen to be looking out the window of my trailer when I see this gentleman ride in on a bicycle. Now, for most people they are thinking…So what, he was riding his bike. Well let me explain, our camp is set in one of the most remote locations about 40 miles South of Deadhorse, Alaska. If you happened to watch Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel then you have a good idea where we are situated and how extreme and desolate of a location it actually is. So yeah, a guy riding his bicycle is slightly out of the norm.

Anyways, as a paramedic I decided that I should walk over there to talk with him and make sure that he was doing okay and not in need of medical attention.  He says he is doing wonderful and was just hoping to get a meal as one of his packs off his bike had fallen off and he was out of food until he could get to the next town. So we sat down in the diner trailer and had a great conversation.

It turns out that Tyson is taking the next two years of his life to ride his bicycle from the tip of Alaska down to the tip of South America with the motto that he was born with a compass in his hand and a restless soul. He told me that he is in no hurry and that he plans to take his time and enjoy what is in front of him each day. He said he will camp, stay in hostels, work odd and end jobs to make a little money for food, and live in the present moment.  Talking to Tyson, he had so much charisma, he’s humble, and was so inspirational. There have been numerous times in my life where I wanted to just do something crazy, but I always found a reason why it would not work. Yet, here is a guy that set out on an idea and is just doing it. He doesn’t know where he will end up each day, what life will throw at him, and who he will meet along the way, but that is all a part of the journey and he is taking it by the handlebars!

Jason McLaughlin and Tyson Pitts South of Deadhorse, Alaska

I can only imagine the satisfaction that Tyson will have all along the way, and especially when he gets to his final destination. With that being said, not everyone can take off two years to ride a bicycle, however, we can take the time to sit back and just look around and observe the beauty around us. We don’t need to have constant stimulation from social media and checking the latest status of Kim Kardashian on TMZ. It is time for us to live in the present and follow Tyson’s lead. To learn more and follow Tyson Pitts along his journey check out his blog at

Tyson, from everyone here at SALA Remote Medics we wish you the best of luck on your journey and be safe along the way.


By Jason McLaughlin, B.S., NRP, MICP