Remote Healthcare in the Backyard of America

As a remote healthcare provider ourselves we find that our services are widely used in the remote project setting. Off the beaten path in Alaska, the waters of America, and the lands in between. Most people don’t realize that American’s in large communities also find the need for remote health care.

Remote Area Medical (RAM) for short, spends three days in rural America taking care of the healthcare problems in an economy stricken community of Wise County, Virginia.

But for RAM, they are taking care of the ones in your backyard who need it most, with the statement that, “many people live in fear of sickness and injury because they have little or no access to basic medical care. RAM responds to this need by providing free dental, vision, and medical care to isolated, impoverished, or underserved communities. In less than 12 hours we turn fairgrounds, schools, arenas, and jungles into mobile medical centers.”

To learn more, or to get involved contact Remote Area Medical.

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