Understanding Your Business

SALA Remote Medics understand your need for a qualified occupational health and safety team. Leaving your home to travel across the globe often means sending you and your employees into the jungle, the Arctic, the ocean, and the desert. This typically leaves you without traditional occupational health and safety standards.

SALA Remote Medics appreciate the risks and hazards of being away from home in these diverse conditions and works hard to promote safety and facilitate accident prevention. SALA Remote Medics not only provides safety and accident mitigation, but it also provides preventative medical and emergency care through experienced healthcare providers with a comprehensive injury management program.

When SALA Remote Medics is by your side, you know that you have qualified occupational health and safety professionals keeping you safe and healthy during those times of need when local emergency services or hospitals are not within a distance that people have become accustomed.

SALA Gets it Right the First Time

We are known for our impeccable work history on small and large projects and providing superior service. Our organization was founded on the principles that occupational health and safety can be tailored to the specific desires of the client at a low cost without having to be difficult or cumbersome. Working under our philosophy, our occupational health and safety providers are focused on providing quality preventative safety, medical, and emergency response that emphasizes on the client and patient requests.

It does not matter if you are a single person going on an excursion into the wilderness or an organization conducting a large-scale project, SALA Remote Medics is here to provide safety and well-being no matter where your journey or project takes you.  SALA Remote Medics will provide the latest in occupational health and safety procedures, on-site weather monitoring, risk assessment and project management, preventative medical care, and emergency response customized to your specific project request.

Because of our philosophy, our mission is to go above and beyond to be successful while partnering with your organization to build a happy, safe, and healthy community. Our staff is hands on and proud of the reputation that we have built and are ready to provide excellence in service to you and your organization.

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